Top 20 Best Weighing Machines to buy online in India

Every person who goes into a store or logs in online to purchase a weighing scale for himself will expect his brand-new weighing machine to accurately tell him his weight at any time.

But apart from this basic need, these days it has become imperative that you get the best of the latest and most advanced features within an affordable price.

These days weighing machines don’t just show your weight, they perform a host of other super tasks like analysing your body fat, displaying the current weather, etc.

Everything is smart about a modern bathroom weighing scale today. Whether you want to simply check your weight everyday or get an in-depth analysis about your vital statistics and compare it with others online, below are some indispensable features that your brand new weighing scale must possess:

Selection Guide-Features to check while buying weighing scale:

Best weighing machine to buy online in India from top brands

  1. Give Highest Priority to Accuracy:

This is one characteristic of a weighing scale that you can absolutely NOT do away with. Any diet plan will need you to input accurate weight readings.

While buying a scale, whether it is mechanical or digital, choose one that easily resets to 0. As soon as you purchase it, check for accuracy. If you find discrepancies, return the product immediately.

  1. Determine your weighing range and choose an appropriate product:

First, be very clear on who exactly will need to use the machine, whether it is your family members or patients. Next, choose a machine with a weighing range exceeding a few pounds above the maximum weighing member of your family.

  1. Choose a weighing scale that offers flexibility in weighing units:

Most modern weighing scales come in several different modes that display weight in varying units like kilogram, stone, pound, etc. Make sure your purchased device offers this flexibility.

  1. Advanced memory and smart capabilities:

It won’t be a wise choice to go for a traditional, mechanical spring scale when there are so many brands offering smart weighing scales at almost the same price.

So, when you go weighing scale shopping, remember to buy one that has a “multi-user memory” that will measure and store weight data for many users.

This way, your entire family or all your patients won’t have to remember the last time they weighed themselves since their individual profiles will pop-up the minute they step on the device.

  1. Determine Warranty and Return Policy before you buy:

The first thing to check before you hit the buy button is to choose a weighing scale that has the best warranty and return policy.

As soon as you get your weighing scale, thoroughly test it for accuracy and any malfunctions. If you find any faults, you can immediately return the product immediately or get it fixed.

Now that you know what features to look out for while choosing a weighing scale,here is the list of best selling weighing scales online in India.Go through the list and pick one which can best serve you at a competitive price.

Top 20 Best Selling Weighing Scales in India:

Bestseller No. 1
HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale (Grey)
  • Super Light-Weight and Non-Fragile
  • G Sensor for high accuracy, Sense On Technology
  • Dark Grey Backlight with White font for easy readings
  • Weigh range 5-180 Kg, Unit can be changed to KG/LB/ST
  • Healthsense India Provides Limited One Year Warranty With Collect & Return Policy For Manufacturing Defects. For More Information Please Contact :-Support@Healthsense.In
Bestseller No. 2
Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty Portable, Hook Type with Temp, 50Kg
  • Power aaa x 2 [included]
  • Material: abs
  • Reading hold: automatic
  • This heavy duty portable hanging scale can be used for weighing your luggage or any item with a maximum weight of 110 lbs (50kg)
Bestseller No. 3
Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale, Multipurpose, White, 10 Kg
  • Equipped with a High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System
  • Has TARE option to weigh different ingredients in the same container
  • Power :
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H)
  • Accuracy Resolution: 1g, 0.1oz.
Bestseller No. 4
HealthSense PS129 Dura-Lite Digital Body Weight Personal Bathroom Scale with Backlight (Black)
  • Durable, lightweight, matte finish black abs platform with round edges for added safety
  • 4 High precision g-sensors for consistent and accurate measurements
  • Wide self-lit lcd display with large white fonts for easy and legible reading
  • Weight range between 3 to 180kg with graduation of 100g button to shuffle units to kg/lb/st
  • Anti-skid matte finish platform with rubber feet for stability
Bestseller No. 5
Pointek Electronic Digital LCD Personal Health Body Fitness Weighing Scale (Black)
  • Super Light-Weight
  • Dark Grey Backlight with White font for easy readings
  • G Sensor for high accuracy, Sense On Technology
  • Weigh range 5-180 Kg
  • Battery Low Indicator
Bestseller No. 6
Hesley Inc Digital Weighing Scale With Advanced Step- On Technology Hsb1 - Elegant Black
  • Step-And-Read - Immediate Readings As Soon As You Step On The Digital Weighing Scale.Place The Weighing Scale On A Flat Surface To Measure Accurate Weight
  • Measurement Range:11Lb-400Lb (5Kg-180Kg)
  • High Accuracy Weighing Scale - 4 Latest-Version High-Precision Sensors, Using Technology From Germany , Product Is Manufactured At Our Manufacturing Unit In China
  • Multifunction Weighing Scale - Auto-Power-Off, Auto-Zero, Low Battery And Overload Indication
  • Easy To Read Backlit Lcd Display
Bestseller No. 7
Hoffen Digital Elecronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale
  • High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System
  • Tempered Glass 260 X 260 Mm
  • Capacity 2.5-180 Kg
Bestseller No. 8
HealthSense PS 117 Glass Top Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale (Black/Gray)
  • Symmetrical, grey blocked vinyl anti-skid platform on jet black glass base with curved edges
  • High precision 'G' sensors with sense on technology for high accuracy
  • Large LCD with cool black light and white digits
  • Weight range 3kg-180kg, smartly shuffles between units with unit button
  • ERR and low battery indicators, comes handy with 2 AAA batteries
Bestseller No. 9
Venus 8MM Thick Tempered Glass Digital Weighing Scale
  • Body Design : Circular, DigitaSize : 13 inchesCapacity : 180 Kg, Accuracy (gm) : 100
  • Color : White, Material : Toughened Glass
  • Package Contents : 1 Weighing Scale
  • There is a Lock below the machine which needs to turn on to make the product work.
  • Item shouldn't be used on any kind of matt or carpets, product should be only used on flat hard surface else it will not show correct or will show different weight each time due to cushion below.
Bestseller No. 10
45kg Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale / Luggage Hanging Weight Scale (Colour may vary)
  • Electronic Hanging Pocket Scale, Div 10gm ((Colour may vary)
  • LED display
  • Battery operated
  • There is a feature called Temperature and the buyer has to press "Pare" button for 2-3 seconds then it will display temperature.
  • Also measures Temperature. Press "Pare" button for 2-3 seconds to display temperature.
Bestseller No. 11
Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty HandGripped Portable for Various Use,Generic color 50Kg
  • Heavy duty weighing scale with a high precision strain gauge sensor system
  • Excellent product for family & travel due to its compact design & light weight
  • Excellently designed hand grip to support facilitate easy weighing of luggage without hurting hands and fingers
  • LCD screen display on top with backlight
  • Has a capacity to weigh upto 50kg with 10gm readability show in selectable unit gm, kg, lb and oz accurately
Bestseller No. 12
Digital Kitchen Scale Electronic Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale 10 Kgs Weight Measure Spices Vegetable Liquids- SF-400, Ivory
  • Automatic switch off
  • Low battery and over load indication
  • Automatic zero resetting
  • Display LCD
  • Power supply 2AA x 1.5V battery ( not included )
Bestseller No. 13
Hesley Inc Digital Weighing Scale With Advance Step On Technology Hsb-2
  • Step-And-Read - Immediate Readings As Soon As You Step On The Bathroom Scale, Measurement Range: 7Kg-180Kg
  • High Accuracy - 4 Latest-Version High-Precision Sensors, Using Technology From Germany,Multifunction - Auto-Power-Off, Auto-Zero, Low Battery And Overload Indication
  • Easy To Read Backlit Lcd Display,Safety And Comfort - 6Mm Thick Tempered Glass Provides Exceptional Sturdiness
  • Large 12" X 12" Platform For Your Usability,Wide Application Range - 2 Available
  • Units Of Measure: Lb, Kg,Max Weight Capacity Of 400Lb /180Kg, Graduation Increments Of 0.2Lb /0.1Kg, Ce/Rohs Approved
Bestseller No. 14
MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale (Mechanical)
  • Easy To Read And Easy To Understand. It Is Durable And Shows You Accurate Results.
  • Weight Up to: 130 kgs
  • Package Content: 1 Weighing Scale
  • Color: Blue
  • NOTE: The machine might need zero caliberation. If the needle doesn't point to zero don't worry, the machine is not faulty. It just requires you to set it to zero with the help of the rolling button at the bottom.
Bestseller No. 15
Weighing Scale 8Mm Glass Digital Weight Machine
  • Visually Attractive
  • Accurate Reading
  • Digital Display
  • Thick Glass
  • Strong Enough For Normal Use
Bestseller No. 16
Digital Thick Glass Weighing Scale
  • The scale is equipped with four high precision strain gauge and load cell sensors, ensuring accurate reading
  • Easy to read large display sized 3 cm x 7.5 cm which measures in pounds and kilograms
  • Features a thick 8mm tempered glass that is virtually unbreakable with normal use, super slim, at 4 centimeters. high, easily hide under the bed or slip it in the drawer
  • Minimum weight capacity of 7 kilograms and Maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Auto power off function and auto zero reading and 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase
Bestseller No. 17
Health Sense PS139 Blue Orbit Digital Personal Weighing Scale (Black)
  • Round jet black ABS scale with engraved 6mm fortified glass platform
  • Aura of cool blue circle of neon light activates when stepped on
  • Bright red LED display on hidden background for clear and farsighted reading
  • Four high precision G sensors with sense on technology for instant and accurate readings
  • Weight range between 3 to 180 kg with graduation of 100g, button to shuffle units to kg/lb/st
Bestseller No. 18
Detek 009 Digital LCD Electronic Weighing Scale
  • Button Cell has to be replaced when the weight machine start showing Error message while taking weight.
  • Weighing scale has to be placed on Flat Surface so that proper weight can be displayed without error.
Bestseller No. 19
Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale
  • 4 sensor accuracy technology
  • Precision display to the closest 100 gram
  • Tempered glass for safety
  • Contains instruction manual, a trial battery
  • The scale will be automatically turned off after 16 seconds
Bestseller No. 20
Weightrolux Glass Electronic Digital Body Weight Weighing Scale With Temperature & Battery Indicator
  • Colour : Black and Silver (As per stock availability)
  • Room Temperature Indicator
  • Large display
  • Glow LED display

All these weighing scales are from well known brands and most of them are available at an affordable price.Choose the perfect weighing scale for your home use based on your personal choice of brand,looks and price.

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