Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit Review

Philips is a leading brand of electric trimmers for men. They produce many varieties of electric trimmers, that suit everyone’s wishlist and are cost effective. Philips are known for their quality products and have service centers all over India which makes it easy to get the Philips products serviced.

The Philips QG3347 multi grooming kit has full size trimmer, detail trimmer, mini shaver, hair, beard and stubble comb that include length setting, beard and moustache comb, length setting stubble comb and length setting hair clipping comb.It has 3 attachments & 3 combs.

Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit for men review

The styling tools include a full size trimmer, detail trimmer, detail foil shaver, 18-setting beard and stubble comb, 12-setting stubble comb, 18-setting hair clipper comb. 18 length settings can be achieved by simply setting on the zoom ring which are in the range of 1mm to 18mm. Zero length can be got by removing the comb.This is suitable for neck line, sideburns and chin.

The blades are made of finely ground chromium steel and are heat treated. These self-sharpening blades offer a lasting performance which can trim through any texture of hair without causing pain to the user. Their rounded tips and combs ensure smooth, protected contact with the skin.

It has protective features that care for your skin. The blades also reduce the friction while trimming.Philips claims that it will give 60 minutes of cordless use on a 10 hour charge. Replaceable Ni-MH battery has to be used.

These trimmers can be used anywhere in the world without worrying about the voltage differences. Philips gives a 2 year warranty on Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit with an option to extend it by another year by registering on their website.

Cleaning is also very easy as the entire range can be rinsed with water. The entire kit can be stored in a convenient travel pouch that comes with the package which holds and protects the trimmer and all attachments when you’re on the go.The trimmer weighs 219 grams and the entire package including the attachments weighs 450 grams. It is available in black color with orange details. 


Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit Review:

Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit review in India


  • The trimmer can be used even while charging.
  • Works on cordless as well as cord mode.
  • Does not cause skin irritation or rashes.
  • The blades are self-sharpening and self-lubricating.
  • It is skin friendly and gives a very good performance.
  • It can be used in showers as it is fully waterproof.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The Detail foil shaver gives a close finish around the edges.
  • It has an anti-slip handle



  • The shaver attachment is only good for smaller areas and closer trims otherwise it starts hurting.
  • It has length settings with increments of 1mm as opposed to the other Philips trimmers of lesser value which have incremental settings with interval of 0.5 mm. So this will result in either too short or too long trim for some users.
  • Multiple passes might be required to get a good finish.

Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit is very useful for men looking for an all in one experience. It performs really well and is cheaper than most grooming kits. Quality is not at all an issue when it comes to this QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit from Philips.


Top 5 Best Selling Grooming kit for men online in India

Bestseller No. 1
Philips QG3387/15 9-in-1 Head to Toe Trimmer
  • Trim your face, neck and sideburns to complete your look
  • 18 adjustable lengths (1-18 mm) for an even beard or stubble
  • Define sharp lines around your beard or goatee
  • Shave small areas on your cheeks and chin with precision
  • Tidy up your eyebrows and sideburns to an even length
Bestseller No. 2
Philips QG3347/15 Multi Grooming Kit (Black)
  • Easy to use
  • Full size trimmer for neck line, sideburns and chin
  • Detail foil shaver for a close finish around the edges
  • Skin-friendly trimmer blades are easy on your face and neck
  • 21mm detail trimmer for fine lines, small areas and details
Bestseller No. 3
Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000 13 Attachments Shaving Set Mg3750
  • The Self-Sharpening Steel Blades Are Reinforced With Iron And Tempered For Maximum Strength. The Non-Corrosive Metal Can Be Rinsed With Water Without Rusting.;Powerful Lithium Battery Delivering 60 Minutes Of Run Time
  • To Deliver Maximum Torque And Power, The Trimmer Includes A Full-Metal Motor And A Drive Train That'S Been Reinforced With Tempered Steel
  • Our Unique Cutting Guards Are Reinforced With Ultra-Strong Fiberglass Material To Prevent Bending And Buckling, Ensuring An Even Trim Every Time
Bestseller No. 4
Nova All in One Head to Toe Digital Display Multi Grooming Kit (Black)
  • Kindly Charge It For 8 Hours Before Initial Use
  • Digital MultiGroomer For Men
  • Additional Adjustable Pricision Trimming setting on the unit for every Attachment.
  • Nose trimmer - Trimms Nose and Ear Hair Safely For Maxmimum Comfort.
  • Precision Trimmer- Defines Both straight and Curved Lines And edges.
Bestseller No. 5
Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men's Body Grooming Kit
  • Japanes blade technology
  • Rechargable body grooming kit
  • Cordless use
  • Wet and dry
  • For Body/Beard/Underarm/Sensitive area trimming

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