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Best Hair Clipper in India in 2018

If you are one among the few men who despise a clean shaven face, you definitely should consider buying a good hair clipper. Since beards are now an accepted norm of society, you can have whatever style you love with the right grooming tools. In order to

15 Top Shaving TIPS for Men

Shaving is the key to styling for men. Unlike women their concept of fashion statement lies in their mane.  To help them enhance their style statement,here are some shaving tips for men. When it comes to shaving, proper guide is needed so that they can properly do

Trimmer vs Shaver – which is the better shaving device?

“A man is known by the beard he keeps, a lady is judged by the skin she wears.” In this tug of war between trim and shave let’s see who wins it! Here, you would get to know the difference between Trimmer vs Shaver – which is

Shaving vs Trimming – Which one is right for you?

Whether you should shave or trim your beard is a question that most men struggle for an answer. Well, the simple answer would be, it depends on your choice. Still, there are a few factors that you need to consider, before you decide, which of the two

Best Shaving Cream in India – Make Shaving a Relaxing Experience

Shaving is an everyday necessity that nobody can do without for both hygienic and aesthetic reasons. However, this daily chore can become an irksome task when it results in irritated skin, chafing, ingrown hair, rash, or dry patches. Shaving should be a soothing and rejuvenating daily ritual

5 Best After Shave Lotion to buy in 2018 in India

After shave lotions are a regular necessity for men, but do you know if you are investing in the best product in the market? Sometimes, consumers unknowingly buy and use products which are more expensive and qualitatively inferior than some other products which are better and cheaper.