RAZORS – Shaving and Trimming Tips and Reviews

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Razor Blades – How long you could use it and when to change

The razor industry is known for following a particular marketing strategy where they make loss on the device but make money on the refills and cartridges. This is the reasons why we see razors costing less whereas their cartridges costing more. While many companies like Gillette state

Best Razor Blade Cartridges to buy online in India in 2017

Razor Blade Cartridges have gained a bad reputation because they are mightily expensive. The reason being that they are a lot harder to make than razors. Nevertheless, they are superior shaving products designed to make shaving an easy affair. Razor blade production demands high skill and complicated

Best Manual Razors for Men in India

When you’re running late for an important meeting, party or even your own wedding, a quick shave is the best way to show that you are a well-groomed person and ever-ready to take over the world. Since shaving is such a routine task, most people don’t give

Gillette FlexBall Razor Review

When it comes to shaving technology, top brands like Gillette are always neck-to-neck in innovating and revolutionizing shavers and razors. While electric shavers are equipped with smart cleansing systems, powerful motors etc., razors are being manufactured with sharper blades, protective covers, ergonomic handles and swivelling cartridges. For

Best disposable Men’s Razors to buy in India in 2018

Razors are generally a bladed tool used to remove body hair and facial hear through the process of shaving. They have been in existence since the Bronze Age where they were made from bronze and were oval in shape. Apart from bronze, they were also made from

Guide to choose the Right Razor for you?

Do you have sensitive skin? You don’t have any idea as which razor to use? Of course, many people will relate to this common confusion. Sensitive and normal to dry, every skin has its need. There are hundreds of razors available in the market with very confusing

Gillette Razors – Best Quality Men’s Razors for a clean shave

Gillette, the ultimate brand in men’s safety razors and personal care products has transformed the shaving experience from just being a ritual into a lifestyle choice. Currently owned by the multi-national corporation Procter & Gamble (P&G), it was once known as The Gillette Company. Top 8 Best

Different Types of Razors – All you need to know

So, you need a razor for yourself? That’s alright! There are people, who go through this dilemma quite often and still cannot find out the best razor that will help them to shave clean. Shaving is important, as properly shaven face indicates good grooming habits. It makes