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Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File Review

A ‘Happy feet’ makes ‘A walk to remember’. People often tend to neglect taking care of their feet making it rough with cracked heels and dead skin. They not only look ugly and feel uncomfortable; they are also very embarrassing. Imagine walking into a party wearing a

Best Fairness Cream for Women to buy online in India

“Dark, patchy, blemish, dark spots, pigmented” –are these the words used to define your skin? It is for sure no one likes to hear others often commenting negatively about your skin. How often do you feel envious by seeing others’ skin and wish to have the same?

Best Hair Straightener to buy online in India

Hair Straighteners have positively simplified our lives and made hair taming an easy task indeed. Before professional straighteners were available, women struggled with various home remedies and makeshift straightening solutions to control unruly, frizzy hair that refused to stay still for even a minute. Thanks to innovation

Best Hair Styler to buy online in India

Hair Stylers are amazing products that combine a sophisticated paddle brush or roller brush with an electric dryer to help you effectively dry, smoothen out and style your hair in any way you like. These exceptionally efficient products will help you hold any type of hairstyle in

Top 5 Best Hairdryer to buy online in India

A modern hairdryer is so much more than just a piece of electronic equipment that speeds up the drying process of your hair after a wash. They are not only very useful grooming devices but are also very sleek, stylish and completely safe to use, unlike some

Philips BG1025/15 Body Groomer Review

This noiseless BG1025/15 model body groomer from Philips gives excellent performance for a duration of 3 months on 2 AA batteries. Specially designed for body grooming, this device offers a unique way to get rid of body hair while protecting sensitive areas against harm. When it comes

Best Hair oil to buy in India

Hair oil is something which is used by many of us to help the health of hair.They are many different hair oils like coconut oil,almond oil,olive oil and amla oil etc.Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, and has antiviral and antibacterial properties. When used on hair, it

Philips BG105/11 Body Groomer Review

The Philips BG105/11 Body Groomer belongs to the series 1000 and was exclusively made for use on various parts of the body. Unwanted body hair can be a cumbersome affair to deal with, especially during important occasions. The BG105/10 Body Groomer from Philips will neatly trim overgrown

Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Kit Review

Philips is a leading brand of electric trimmers for men. They produce many varieties of electric trimmers, that suit everyone’s wishlist and are cost effective. Philips are known for their quality products and have service centers all over India which makes it easy to get the Philips