Best Trimmers for Women in India in 2017

“The best makeup a girl can wear is a good skin”. Are you also looking for a hassle free way to get a silky smooth skin? If yes, then its time you start using the advanced trimmers available in the market.

The best part about these products is that they are time saving and easy to use.No woman wants to spend hours plucking unwanted hair from the body, getting cuts from the blades of razor or going through painful hot waxing process. It is also a great gift for your girlfriends if they are also facing the same problems.

It’s time you welcome the new effortless way for a smooth skin with any of the Top 5 list of best women’s trimmers in India.

Top 5 Best Trimmers for Women in India:

#1.Philips BRT382/15 Bikini Trimmer :

Best trimmers for women to buy online in India

It’s a new advanced technology trimmer which has ergonomic design. The round teeth shaped head effectively trims even the smallest hair without any cut. Very handy and easy to use on the bikini line.

BRT382/15 model Bikini Trimmer from Philips brand weighs around 200 grams.

It has cordless option available so that you can use the machine any where outside with out having to worry about power cable and supply.

Like all Philips trimmers,2 years manufacturing warranty is provided for this one as well.

#2.Philips HP6303 Lady shave :

Top 5 best trimmer for women to buy online in India

This product is very simple yet effective. Gives a very close, smooth hairless skin which lasts for a long time.

It is waterproof, can be cleaned easily and maintains the hygiene properly.

The product has an ergonomic design which will make it easy to use and to carry around.

The battery is rechargeable and it comes with a warranty from Philips.

It weighs around 190 grams and has cordless option.


#3.Braun FG1100 silk trimmer :

top 5 best women's trimmers to buy online in India

Need a less costly but equal functioning trimmer? Then this is the perfect model you are looking for.

It has cutter block blades and extra attachments for a closer trimming. A cap is also provided with this product.

FG1100 model women’s trimmer weighs around 120 grams and comes with 2 years warranty.

It has got cordless option so you could that anywhere with out worrying about power.


#4.Philips HP6548 epilator and bikini trimmer combo :

Best ladies trimmer to buy online in India

There is always a benefit in buying a combo that provides you with everything you are looking for.

An epilator raises the bar of a smoother skin. It not only gives a better finish, it also reduces the frequency of hair growth.

The trimmer in this combo can be used on the new hair growth making it last much longer.

This trimmer for women from Philips weighs around 400 grams and comes with 2 years warranty.Cordless option is available for this trimmer as well.


#5.Panasonic Beauty ER-GN25VP Precision Facial hair trimmer :

top 5 best lady trimmer to buy online in India

If you are done with the painful process of face threading then this product is for your aid.

No more rashes or blisters as it removes the facial hair very cleanly and delicately.

It is portable, washable and easy to use too. It has no after effect on the hair growth and is perfectly safe to use.

ER-GN25VP Precision Facial hair trimmer from Panasonic brand weighs around 100 around and comes with 2 years warranty.Runs on batteries so you could use anywhere with out worrying about power.


These are the top 5 women trimmers available in India.Pick one according to your choice and budget.

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