Best Razor Blade Cartridges to buy online in India in 2017

Razor Blade Cartridges have gained a bad reputation because they are mightily expensive. The reason being that they are a lot harder to make than razors. Nevertheless, they are superior shaving products designed to make shaving an easy affair.

Razor blade production demands high skill and complicated processes to achieve the end result of a high-end grooming device that is superior in look and feel and exceptionally efficient when put to use. There are tons of different razor blades out there that incorporate single and multiple blades as well as double edges.

Each designed to work in a particular style, razor blades are handy tools for long lasting shaving performance with a razor. The following 5 razor blade cartridges are the best products to buy in India:

Best Razor blade cartridges to buy online in India in 2017:

#1.Gillette Mach3 Turbo Blades – 4 Cartridges:

Best Razor blade catridges to buy in India

Gillette’s Mach3 are the best razor blades available and they come with the best patented technologies for the best possible shave.

This pack contains 4 cartridges. Each cartridge is designed for high performance and a perfect smooth finish.

The LubaStrip indicates when the cartridge has reached its performance limit.

They are also equipped with Microfins that have a gentle action on skin, protecting it against cuts and wounds.


#2.Gillette Mach3 Refill – 12 Cartridges:

Best quality Razor blade catridges to buy in India

This pack of 12 cartridges consist of sophisticated Mach3 blades with 10 Microfins and a Front Pivot Technology that easily glide along the contours of your face for a clean and close shave.

The DLC is coated in a Diamond-like fashion and the Lubricating strip facilitates easy shave while protecting skin.

The 3 blades on a Mach3 cartridge are mounted on springs to adapt itself to shaving pressures and skin types.

These blades are made using Gillette’s Shaving Surface Technology that makes them anti-friction and exceptionally skin-friendly.


#3.Gillette Fusion Manual Blades – 4 Cartridges:

Best razor blade catridge to buy online in India

Gillette’s pack of Manual Fusion Blades with 4 Cartridges have their blades placed 30 percent closer together than the Mach3.

Due to this, the shaving force is equally distributed between all the blades making for a close, smooth and comfortable shave in just a few minutes’ time.

Gillette Fusion Manual has 5 blades that makes for a wider Shaving Surface technology.

These blades also happen to be Power Glide blades which means that they are coated with TUT-telemore that makes them glide rather than cut into skin.


#4.Gillette Mach3 Blades – 4 Cartridges:

top quality Best Razor blade catridges to buy in India

Gillette Razor Blades are the best in the market. Mach3 has made a name for itself the world over for its incredibly close shaves.

This pack contains 4 cartridges of Mach3. Mach3 blades are a favourite among male shavers for their superior efficiency and perfect finish.

Each cartridge has 3 superior blades made with high quality and sophistication.

Mach3 are the best Gillette blades since they are so perfect in every aspect.


#5.Gillette Body Razor Blades (Cartridge) 2s Pack:

Top 5 Best Razor blade catridges to buy online in India

Body razor blades from Gillette was the first ever razor blade designed for men’s body grooming.

They have the capability of shaving hard-to-reach and sensitive areas, cleanly and smoothly without inflicting damage to skin.

The head is rounded in order to reach and effectively trim tricky areas without cutting and bruising.

The cartridge head is forward pivoting in nature in order to adjust itself to body contours.


The best way to save money is buy a pack of 8 or 12 Cartridges along with razor .This helps to get both razor and blades at a reasonable price with good discount on the final price.

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